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You can now donate via text message!
Send SIAB28 (pus donation amount) to 70070
You can text as many times as you like!
Example = send SIAB28 10 to 70070 to send £10

Project Aim

Our aim is to fund two vehicles enabling us to reach our growing donor base around the UK, without using money pledged for SchoolBags. Can you help?

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School in a Bag is an initiative run by the



For just £20 per SchoolBag, you can buy your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones a gift that keeps on giving, simply by sending them a School in a Bag Gift Card.

The recipient of the card will receive a note saying: “The purchase of this card has funded X SchoolBag/s”. The Gift Card will also display the reference number of the SchoolBag/s, which will enable them to track via our website where it was sent in the world. (Please can you add in the comments box on the VMG page that you’d like a gift card so we know to generate one)

The recipient of the SchoolBag will receive a gift that will provide hope for their future and enable them to write, draw, colour, calculate, express themselves and above all learn.

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